The following case studies are just a small sample of the litigation support and forensic accounting situations handled by personnel from Christie Griffith. If any of these cases strike a chord with you or if you would like to discuss how we could be of assistance in any similar situations, please give us a call.



Our client was in dispute with one of their customers regarding the losses suffered as a result of the failure on the part of their customer to properly fulfil their contractual obligations. The contract terms were relatively complex and the client was having difficulty presenting their position and quantifying their losses in a manner which could easily be presented to the customer and in Court. Following a review of the contract documentation, we prepared a clear report on the losses suffered which resulted in our client receiving a satisfactory settlement from their customer.



Our client was concerned that significant losses would be faced as a result of becoming involved in a substantial property transaction. They required an objective view on how the position had arisen and whether there was a realistic prospect of pursuing their customer or their professional advisers based on the information which had been available at the time. Our review of the extensive papers highlighted a number of significant matters and allowed our client to take the appropriate action to minimise their potential losses.



Our client was concerned that there had been an alienation of assets from a Company to a Partnership controlled by certain Directors resulting in the Directors/Partners gaining substantial personal financial benefit. Based on the information which could be recovered and working closely with our client’s solicitors, we considered that the prospect of successfully challenging the transaction were not high and could not be pursued cost effectively. However a number of alternative issues were identified which could be better supported and which ultimately gave our client a successful result.


Our client was involved in the licensed trade and was concerned at the level of unexplained stock losses occurring in a business which already showed signs of heading towards financial difficulty. Based on a review of the position, we were able to highlight the likely extent of the problem, make recommendations as to how to control the situation going forward and ultimately help them implement the necessary procedures and controls to remove this potential threat to the future survival of the business.