At Christie Griffith we will give you direct access to our team of professionals all of whom have bought and sold their own businesses and who will be able to give you sound advice on the potential pitfalls of acquisitions. We will guide you through the evaluation process and help you with the assessment of systems and personnel. We will ensure that you are properly prepared with the best research and background information on valuation to achieve the right price.

If you are considering expanding your business through a merger or acquisition, we strongly recommend you seek appropriate professional advice and assistance to ensure your interests are best represented in any subsequent transaction.

The Christie Griffith M&A team can advise on and help with:

  • Strategic planning to determine suitable acquisition criteria
  • Identifying suitable candidates companies
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Developing a negotiating strategy
  • Performing financial and operational due diligence
  • Preparing the necessary financial projections
  • Identifying potential finance sources
  • Preparing and presenting finance applications
  • Assisting with negotiations
  • Assisting with post-acquisition integration

It is equally important to seek professional help and advice when disposing of a business.

We can help with valuing the assets, preparing the business for sale, finding suitable purchasers, and negotiating the sale.

Above all, we can help you time the disposal so as to minimise your tax exposure.