When a Pension scheme is underfunded it is vital that the trustees receive expert impartial advice as to the employer’s proposals to meet the shortfall.  We can assist the trustees in assessing the employer’s projected financial position and evaluating under what conditions the interests of the members are best served.

Our practice specialises in evaluating the future prospect of businesses and its impact on the various stakeholders.  Our independent advice can be particularly critical when the same individual can often be in a number of conflicting roles- trustee, director of employer, scheme member and shareholder of employer.


An independent report on the employer’s present and future financial position is critical to evaluating an employer’s proposals to meet a shortfall to a pension fund.  Such a report can be invaluable in determining the reasonableness of the employer’s proposals – in particular whether the Trustees should accept or seek to renegotiate the employer’s offer to make up a shortfall.


We have extensive experience in acting as investigating accountants on behalf of various stakeholders – not only company pension funds but also banks  and shareholders.  We regularly advise on corporate finance assignments and one of our principals holds an insolvency licence.  Accordingly you may find that our credentials are well suited to advising you in relation to the employer’s covenant when you are dealing with a type A event – particularly any attempt to compromise the debt due to the pension scheme.  By taking independent advice the Trustees can provide assurance that the members interests have been appraised from an independent standpoint.


Campbell Griffith