Robin McGregor and Gordon Christie are accredited as expert witnesses by both the Law Society and the Law Society of Scotland.  They both have experience in the Court of Session and Sheriff Courts.  Our litigation support and forensic accounting services are designed to help our clients present complex financial transactions and information in a clear and focused way.  


We have received a wide variety instructions for litigation support and forensic accounting.  Our approach is based on applying the most appropriate methodology to each situation and we follow the established valuation principles of the International Valuation Standards Council.  We have acted in loss of profits claims, transfer pricing, post-sale profit manipulation, and provided valuations of partnerships, limited companies, farming partnerships, share options and minority interests. 

Having worked with a wide range of legal firms and been involved in a wide spectrum of situations, we are aware of the need for clear and concise documentation.  We are also conscious of the commercial realities and sensitivities associated with many disputes and in fact, the majority of cases in which we are involved are settled prior to any formal court hearings taking place.